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Touch screen controls
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Operator Interface

MTI have for the past ten years, undertaken to develop an operator interface that is entirely operator friendly.
Most machine tools bewilder the uninitiated, with an array of bells buttons and whistles, that make you want to crawl under a rock and hide. The operator training is usually akin to remembering all the detail required to fly Concord.
The full colour VDU as fitted to the full product range , is "Windows" based, with four basic screens. The system leads the user through the necessary events required to operate the system.
The system comprise of THREE switches, i.e. Main isolator, Motor Enable / Disable and Emergency stop. All other commands are via the TFT screen and for ease of use a twelve digit remote keypad for moving the system around under non CNC control.

Motion Controller

The Motion Control system is located in a temperature controlled Electronic Enclosure on the side of the system.
The unit comprises an MTI Multi-Layer computer half card and motion control card, designed and manufactured specifically by MTI. The unit is equipped with high speed modem, 3.5" floppy drive and 5Gb hard drive, 4Mb ram, expandable to 32Mb, Digital Signal Processor, 486 DX5-133 host processor. Full specification upon request.

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