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Moving Table System
suitable for mixed job shop application , where flexibility and versatility of operation is vital. The system provides accessibility to the cutting area second to none. The unit is an ideal platform for Laboratory use.

The moving table system is particularly suitable for Dieboard application given the Short, Fixed Beam Path, giving maximum beam stability. The system has only one reflective optic, and one transmissive optic in the beam path which equates to reduced setting up time and low replacement costs.

The system requires very little in the way of mechanical maintenance. A centralised lubrication point requires one shot of grease per nipple per month. All other items are lubricated and sealed for life.

Dedicated die board software is installed as standard. By selecting the control mode, the control system switches between metal cutting and Die board application giving the relevant operational parameters necessary for cutting the selected media.

All inputs, including laser control, are entered via the full colour TFT screen, mounted at the front of the machine. The system is extremely user friendly and has been de-skilled to a very low level.

Most materials can be cut including Stainless Steel, the commercial cutting speeds of which are dictated by the size of the laser power available. Laser sizes range from 1 to 3Kw.
The system is driven by DC brushless servo motors, directly connected to Precision Ballscrews and has a speed range of10 Meters per min, in steps of 1mm per min.

Two system sizes available, 3M x 1.5M and 2.5M x 1.25M Rotary attachment of Rotary Stand-alone systems available.

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