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Imagine the intricacy of eastern decorative panels skillfully and painstakingly cut by hand into a sheet of wood.There is no scope for mistakes in there manufacture. Such artifacts are stuff of antiquarian collectors dreams. They are sought after for the creativity, skill and time expended on their creation.Today such panels can be mass produced using computer aided design and high speed profiling machines. But even contemporary CAD and CAM are restricted in the degree of finesse and accuracy that can be produced.Where would you go to cut an intricate design into an irregularly shaped three-dimensional piece of metal?Well you could try a skilled metal worker or sculptor who would spend months cutting out your design with hand tools and miniature drills. Hardly cost effective for mass production? But wait Mechtronic Industries has the solution.

Mechtronic Industries is a family enterprise. It has been so since its foundation 12 years ago. It was then that John Maulson set out to develop his concept for profiling machines. He was assisted by his son John Maulson Jnr who bought to the concept into being with his expertise in electronics and software design.Father and son continue to this day to be the driving force and creative talent behind the company and its products. Janice Maulson provides administrative support - and motherly reassurance!

Your profiling needs may not be on the scale of eastern panel work either in wood or aluminium. But whatever your needs you want the best machine for the job. You need assurance of consistency and accuracy in a mass production environment. You need to minimise the cost and maximise the return on investment. You don't want problems of heat distortion and wastage.

The first computer driven Mechtronic profiler was the MTI-2825, this was a plasma profiler with a fairly simple three axis control system.Since then the company has produced a number of profilers utilising plasma,water and laser as the cutting mediums. The sophistication of the electronic and software control system has steadily improved. This makes for easier operation and greater accuracy.

In recent years the company has focused on its competence in building laser profilers. Its unique motion control system drives commercially available laser cutters with speed and accuracy not matched by any other machines currently available. More than this they are easier to programme and operate, and they use half the level of energy and consumables of comparitive machines.

In 1999 Mechtronic won a prestigious government Smart award in order to develop further its flying optics system. The system... (what does it do?)
Currently the company is researching the use of composite carbon fibre materials. These have the potential to reduce the mass of the laser delivery system yielding yet further enhancements in speed, accuracy, efficiency,economy and payback.
Of course you can still have a less sophisticated machine if you want to pay over £50000 for it, but the Maulsons are sure that having seen their profilers you will not bother looking elsewhere. and an increasing number of satisfied customers will give testament to this claim.

And if you want a Plasma or water jet cutter then John, John Junior and Janice will be happy to supply this too with all the benefits of their motion control system.

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