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Electronically Controlled CNC profiling systemsWelcome to Mechrtonic Industries, a family run, Limited Company, specialising in Electronically Controlled CNC laser profiling systems. Research and Development.

MTI Manufactures a standard range of equipment featuring, High Powered Co2 Laser systems for cutting - Die-Board, Wood, Carbon Steels, Aluminium, Stainless Steels, Plastics, Ceramics and other exotic materials.

Based on the moving table, fixed beam path principle for ease of maintenance and stability we offer, 250cm x 125cm and 300cm x 150cm systems, complete with Rofin Slab Lasers.

Laser Cut Profiling EquipmentWe also design and build, bespoke turnkey Flying Optic, Split Axis, and Linear Motor Driven systems.

Our Low Power, Co2 Sealed Laser, Motorised Multiple Beam Splitting Unit, for micro perforating and spitting operations, is very popular in the Print and Finishing Trade and especially useful for Flexible Packaging Converters.

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